These clients financed a new home with $0 deposit in the Little Creek estate:

Nico and Desiree

testimonials_graphics_irwin_homes“It is what it is, it’s a $0 deposit home. We were driving past the Little Creek Estate one day looking at properties in the area and we saw the no deposit sign, we said it must be too good to be true or there must be a catch, but there really isn’t.

We have been looking at properties and land for a while now and we just couldn’t afford much, so when we knew that we could build our own home and afford it, we were so happy, we couldn’t believe it. We thought we would have to keep saving for the next 4 or 5 years to get together our deposit, which can be a struggle with a young family. But with the $0 deposit, we can build and move into our own home THIS YEAR!

We have recommended this to our friends and family who are in the same situation, we are barely paying anymore than we were in rent each week and it’s our own home we are paying for, not somebody else’s mortgage.

Irwin homes have made the whole process so easy for us and are amazing to deal with. From start to finish the whole process from application to moving in will be about 6 months, we are only 1 month away from moving in and we can’t wait.

testimonials_graphics_irwin_homesIrwin homes gave us so many options to choose from, everything from exterior colours and materials to what air conditioners and taps we can choose. It’s great, their standard range is a lot more plush than other builders so you know you are getting exceptional quality. We have been very actively involved in the whole process start to finish so we have really designed our dream home.

Our wow moment has been seeing the bricks go up, and to see it all coming together, it’s the little things that make us so happy, even looking at the back yard and planning it all out!

When we first saw the $0 Deposit sign we thought it must be too good to be true, but then we sat down with Steve at Irwin Homes and we knew straight away, there wasn’t a catch, this was all legitimate. If it was too good to be true then there wouldn’t be so many houses being built and standing now, with $0 deposit, it’s as simple as that!

From the first initial contact the whole process has been detailed and explained to us, we have had our thousands of questions answered and Irwin have helped us through the whole process, they are awesome!
We are so happy, we can’t wait to move in.”

Sean & Michelle

testimonials_graphics_irwin_homes“Our first thought was how is this possible? How can we get a house with no deposit? After going through the whole process we understand it all now, you just can’t judge a book by its cover. We had driven past the signs a lot but it wasn’t until we saw an ad in the paper and thought, lets call up, what have we got to lose? Nothing ventured is nothing gained, and it’s the best decision we ever made.

We have been paying off somebody else’s mortgage and it’s really hard to save for a down payment when you are paying a fair amount in rent. If you can’t afford the deposit on a new home, then the $0 deposit in Little Creek is where it’s at. We wanted to get on the property ladder and $0 deposit has made this all possible.

testimonials_graphics_irwin_homesWe move into our very own home at the end of July, all up the process will take about 7 months, the team at Irwin homes have been truly amazing they let us flip the design of the house around and essentially design every element of our home. Irwin’s are just really great, if we were to build again it would definitely be with them, they have been fantastic.

If you are sitting on the fence about it, don’t waste anymore time, just pick up the phone, you won’t regret it.”

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